Drupal news, podcasts, email services, training worth knowing about

Drupal is moving forward at such a pace it is dificult to keep up with all the developments globally. Here are some of my favourite sources.

  • DrupalTV - approaching 500 Drupal videos and presentations curated from a variety of sources.
  • The Weekly Drop - Bob Kepfords essential weekly email summary of all things Drupal.
  • Lullabot email list - Regular updates on Drupal news. Enjoy Module Monday where the bots post a weekly article championing some of the lesser known and noteworthy modules in Drupal contributed space.
  • JAM's Acquia Podcast - Jeffrey McGuire embarks on a new voyage into Drupal podcasting with an inevitable touch of class and humour.
  • ToadCast - Occasional Drupal related podcasts from the Metal Toad crew.
  • Drupal Planet - Official syndaction service featuring top Drupal publishers
  • Drupal Sun - visual browser of Drupal Planet list
  • Mods Unraveled Podcast - Frequent in depth interviews with leading Drupalers from around the globe 
  • Drupal Association mailing list - Monthly emails from the Drupal Association marketing team. Featuring significant news about the Drupal community, events and ecosystem.
  • DrupalCon Mailing list - Be the first to receive major announcements and updates relating to Drupal's global conference DrupalCon.
  • Drupal.org list of official mailing lists
  • Lullabot podcasts - Long time favourite podcast has grown and become better. Now you can follow "Insert content here", "Drupalize Me Podcast" and "Creative Process Podcast"
  • Drupal Easy Podcast - Regular discussions with Drupal community leaders
  • Opin Podcast - Open Mic podcasts of digital and Drupal

Learning Drupal

  • Drupal Glossary on Drupal.org
  • Daily Dose of Drupal by CodeKarate.com
  • Web Wash Drupal Tutorials
  • Level Up Tutorials on Drupal Commerce

    Drupal Events

    • Drupical - the most comprehensive listing of Drupal Meetups, Camps and Cons