See you in Austin?


Like many Drupalists, for the next week or so I shall be immersing myself in DrupalCon Austin. Having missed Portland combined with the fact my company, CTI Digital, are design partners for the conference I am super excited about attending. My team have been working hard to produce an epic amount of brochures, posters, design work to ensure the conference looks stunning.

I'm particularly looking forward to attending Monday's Community Summit. Following on from the success of Prague's inaugural summit there is no doubt the stateside version will be a highlight of the week.

I look forward to connecting with friends old and new. Perhaps we've spoken on social media or collaborated in the ether. I can be found at CTI Digital's booth 510 or why not ping me on Twitter @pdjohnson and we can arrange to meet ;-).

Wishing you a safe trip and see you all soon.


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