Apple recruiting Drupal developers and attend DrupalCon Denver


With the increased penetration of Drupal into enterprise, it comes as no surprise to me that Apple are hiring Drupal Developers. I was also pleased to discover, via Paul Lomax, that Apple staff were amongst the 3000+ attendees of DrupalCon Denver.
Having companies like Sony BMG, Warner Brothers, US government agencies involved with Drupal has resulted in significant contributions back to the community. I look forward to seeing if Apple do the same.

Making your HTML code work as a marketing department

I've just been listening to an excellent presentation "International NGOs Leveraging Drupal for Social Change". One of issues raised was how difficult it was for people to establish who site creators are.

Providing a way for site visitors to reach you ensures that potential clients and other business opportunities are not missed. Ideally every site you build should be a lead for future work. It is so easy, we should all be doing it.

There are at least 2 ways to add information to every page which provides attribution to the site author.

DC.creator meta tag

The creator meta tag can contain your company url or perhaps a link to a case study in your portfolio.

<meta name='DC.creator' content='{author}' /> 

Humans.txt initiative

Whilst the DC.creator tag allows linkage back to your web site, it would be nice to present more information to interested parties. Detailed contact information, list of credits if multiple developers or indeed agencies contributed to the site. One way to address this challenge is to use Humans.txt. The sample implementation here provides ways of reaching all the members of the team who contributed.


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