Your part in improving Drupal's Social Media


With Drupal's scale comes challenges

Drupal grew beyond the size where everyone knows who's who a long time ago. As one of the volunteers responsible for the social media channels of Drupal, I have become increasingly aware of the challenges in representing such a vast global community well. It is impossible for any one person to be across all the achievements, events, initiatives which are occurring around the world.

New Drupal social media request form

I realised the solution to this issue was the community itself. By providing a way for members of the community to easily make the social media team aware of something they thought merited a wider audience via Drupal official social media channels, suddenly we achieve better global representation.

I am delighted to announce The Drupal social media request form is now available.

Tell us and (maybe) we'll tell the world

By communicating news from your region you can help make the Drupal's social presence more globally representative of the 229 countries where Drupal is used. I encourage you to become our eyes and ears in your locality, tell us and we'll tell the world!

That's not all

This is the first of several major improvements in social media which are being rolled out in the next week. These include changes to the way we present DrupalCon on Twitter. I recommend keeping an eye out on @DrupalCon or the Drupal Association blog for further announcements.

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