Let's All Build a Hat Rack

There's no denying volunteers are the beating heart of open source projects. Without the countless hours invested by thousands of dedicated people projects like Drupal would not have achieved such great strides forward.

In a recent article I spoke about the unsung heroes of Drupal and how I felt they should be celebrated better. This week I read an article "A Place to Hang Your Hat" by @lhawthorn and it really resonated. I encourage you to take a look.

If someone has volunteered to help your project, take the time to write a 2-3 sentence summary of what they did to help.

If we all do as Leslie suggests (Tweet a thank you using #LABHR, write a linkedIn recommendation, send the individual an email) what a wave of positivity would sweep through the (Drupal) community.

So I've started by writing a recommendation for Baris Wanschers on LinkedIn. What will you do? Who will you thank?

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