Help Dries crowdsource Drupal 8 success stories

In little over a month Drupal 8 will be one year old. To mark this momentous occasion Dries Buytaert, Drupal’s founder, will champion noteworthy web sites and applications powered by Drupal 8.

Have you launched a Drupal 8 web site or application this year? Dries would like to hear from you. We’ve prepared a short web form so you can tell him your Drupal 8 success story.

Please spread the word

To reach the widest potential audience and capture the very best examples I encourage your to share this blog post with colleagues, peers, clients. Please email, share on social media, speak to your clients.

Beyond the Drupal shops developing applications our objective is to attract submissions from end users using Drupal 8. If you represent an organisation, enterprise, SME, startup, manufacturer, government department (and more) using Drupal 8 we want to hear from you.

So tell the world, complete the short form and help us celebrate Drupal 8.

Deadline for submissions is November 11th.


We launched our new website in April this year, featuring fully accessible digital media content for blind and low vision Canadians. We deliberately chose Drupal 8 because of its reputation for accessibility. Our aim is to deliver a seamless, joyful and inclusive experience for all of our audience, and we are continuing to expand the site through rigorous research and usability testing with our community.

Hi Paul,

this is a fine idea.
Can you please provide more details about how the success stories are going to be used, and where you intend to publish them in which format?


Hi Florian,

Dries will use the submissions to inform a blog post which will be published on November 19th, Drupal 8's first anniversary.



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