A seminal moment for Drupal - DrupalCon Asia

Photo by Michael Cannon


Once the dust settles we will begin to realise DrupalCon Asia was indeed a seminal moment in the history of Drupal. In this short time, as I've managed the social media for the conference, I've watched the Asian Drupal Community come of age.

Huge respect has grown for the region has been born out of the event through high calibre presentations, floorless executing of the event, sheer energy, cultural diversity and harmony. I have no doubt this event was exactly the impetus the region deserved. There's a lot to celebrate.

One of the reasons for the heightened sense of importance everyone placed on the event undoubtedly stems from the fact for 840 of the 1025 attendees (82%) this was their first DrupalCon. It's been a long time coming, a huge anticipation surrounded the event. More than ever before this con mattered to everyone who passed through the doors.

for 840 of the 1025 attendees (82%) this was their first DrupalCon

So many have taken their first brave step onto the stage of the international speaker circuit, volunteered as sprint mentors, helped organisers with logistics, organised BoFs, met with their peers from across the region and the world.

Many overseas Drupalists recognised the gravity of this event DrupalCon Asia and they came in force. We saw a very strong international presence with attendees from 32 countries including USA (40), UK (15), Australia (10) and Japan (9). Dries Buytaert, Angie Byron, Alex Pott, Gábor Hojtsy, Josef Daernig, Dave Hall, Donna Benjamin to name just a few. Josue Valencia travelled the furthest from Guayaquil, Ecuador (16,499 km).

For years the significance of Drupal's Asian powerhouse has been gathering steam, this event provided the perfect showcase to the world. The event was a triumph for inclusivity and diversity not only that ladies represented 16.5% attendees but also that through Drupal people are able to transcended cultural, political and physical boundaries.

Drupal community celebrated

Record breaking sprint participation

What really impressed was that over 350 (34% attendees) came to the contribution sprints. This is the greatest proportion witnessed at any DrupalCon to date.

A whole lot of fun!

Between all the sessions, BoF's, hallway track, summits and trainings there was a huge amount of fun going on too. Sand drawings, kite flying, Octocat competitions, . What occurs to me is how do Europe and USA follow this up? The baton passes to New Orleans.

A touch of Bollywood hits DrupalCon

Best #Prenote ever?

Building bridges between communities

Kite flying outside on the green

The most selfies ever at one DrupalCon

and dries in a turban

Here's a non alcoholic drink to DrupalCon Asia! Where next?

Header photo by Michael Cannon


Paul, it's so amazing seeing my shots appreciated and used by others. Thank you for the article and photo credit. Michael

I always (try to remember) to credit photographers. As one I know how much it matters to me.

Wonderful reminder of the great fun we had during that week. And a huge inspiration to have more of this all throughout my life! Paul, Thank You!!!

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