A seminal moment for Drupal - DrupalCon Asia

Once the dust settles we will begin to realise DrupalCon Asia was indeed a seminal moment in the history of Drupal. In this short time, as I've managed the social media for the conference, I've watched the Asian Drupal Community come of age.

Huge respect has grown for the region has been born out of the event through high calibre presentations, floorless executing of the event, sheer energy, cultural diversity and harmony. I have no doubt this event was exactly the impetus the region deserved. There's a lot to celebrate.

See you in Austin?

Like many Drupalists, for the next week or so I shall be immersing myself in DrupalCon Austin. Having missed Portland combined with the fact my company, CTI Digital, are design partners for the conference I am super excited about attending. My team have been working hard to produce an epic amount of brochures, posters, design work to ensure the conference looks stunning.

I'm particularly looking forward to attending Monday's Community Summit. Following on from the success of Prague's inaugural summit there is no doubt the stateside version will be a highlight of the week.

A triumph of the human spirit - DrupalCon Portland

As DrupalCon Portland celebrated a record breaking attendance, I sat 4751 miles away realising there were 80,000+ others who couldn't make it either.

Fortunately with session recordings being published same day, an explosion of social media activity and the proliferation of blog posts, code sprints via Google Hangouts - you didn't need to be in Portland to feel part of it.

Download DrupalCon Sydney sessions from Youtube

The DrupalCon technical team got the Sydney Keynotes and sessions up lightning fast. However, now that the videos are hosted on YouTube how do you download them to your computer so you can view them on your smartphone or tablet?

DrupalCon Global Social Media Lead

Many people have grown to know me as 'that guy behind @DrupalCon'. Yes it has been a lot of work but the rewards have been considerable too. Many new friendships which would otherwise never have existed, and truly an honour to work alongside so many talented professionals.

DrupalCon Denver Blip.tv session videos to iTunes in 5 easy steps

With so many fabulous DrupalCon Denver session videos to catch up on from plenty of requests have come for downloadable versions of the videos. Thanks to Larry Garfield and Ryanne Hodson we have a solution, and it's pretty simple.

DrupalCon Code of conduct - what's all the fuss about? #DrupalCoC

As social media lead for DrupalCon Munich, having worked closely with The Drupal Association marketing team for 2 DrupalCons, I was perhaps one of the first to flag that a Denver modelling agency had posted a blog that they had supplied models to DrupalCon exhibitor. I am not going to link and give them yet more SEO juice which I am sure is what they are after. Nor am I convinced they supplied models to the conference. I emailed them and never heard back.

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