Drupal 8 hall of fame

At DrupalCon I arranged for a 9 metre squared floor decal celebrating the top 1000 contributors to Drupal 8. So many of you asked for access to the original artwork, and many who could not be at the conference, so I have prepared this page so you can!

It was such a delight to witness so many Drupalists, with a great sense of pride, photographing theirs and friends names, sharing on social media. The larger a name is, the more they have contributed. But honestly if your name is there, bravo to you!

Below the tag cloud is clickable so you can reach each persons D.O account. There is also attached a PDF version so you can print it if you like.

I used DrupalCores.com for source data and Tagul.com to produce the artwork. I hope you enjoyed seeing it and look forward to seeing you at future Drupal events.



Great work! Will try to print a copy to hang up in our office. Thanks again!
Pascal at XIO

Thanks Paul - love it!

Thanks a lot for this Paul!

On the physical one, I was inside the curve of alexpott's last t. Now, I'm a smudge after klausi's name (lower left corner).

Every time the cloud is rendered it is randomised. This is the fun of it. I'm thinking of doing another one come the full release of Drupal 8 so get committing and you can be bigger!

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