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Drupal is moving forward at such a pace it is dificult to keep up with all the developments globally. Here are some of my favourite sources.

An unsung hero of Drupal(Con)

During the Q&A with Dries Buytaert at yesterdays keynote I referenced the many unsung heroes of the Drupal community. I would like to shine the spotlight towards one such individual. Serving as the Local Social Media Lead for DrupalCon is necessarily a behind the scenes role however it should not pass without recognition.

Code Sprint Manchester April

There's never been a better time to join our (ir)regular Manchester Drupal Sprints. There are just 28 Beta release blockers in Drupal 8 and with your help we can get a few steps closer. Mike Bell is organising a sprint this Saturday, 26th April to be hosted at CTI Digital in The Northern Quarter.

Your part in improving Drupal's Social Media

With Drupal's scale comes challenges

Drupal grew beyond the size where everyone knows who's who a long time ago. As one of the volunteers responsible for the social media channels of Drupal, I have become increasingly aware of the challenges in representing such a vast global community well. It is impossible for any one person to be across all the achievements, events, initiatives which are occurring around the world.

Drupal Core & Contrib Sprints Manchester UK

Mike Bell announced last week that he's organising monthly Drupal Sprints here in Manchester, UK. Mike hopes to replicate the success of the London Drupal Sprints organised by Robert Castello. This is a perfect opportunity for those already developing in Drupal looking for opportunities to meet and collaborate with others on Core and contrib modules.

Drupal 8 Contributed Module Sprint

As part of a concerted global effort by the Drupal Community to prepare for Drupal 8, Jos Doekbrijder and Miro Dietiker are organising a Drupal 8 code sprint this Friday focused on porting contributed modules to Drupal 8.

we'd like to organize a sprint to get a large group of developers, testers, documenters etc... together, working on porting - as many as possible - popular modules to D8 such that these are available from the earliest moments

Drupal 6 is near end of life

Whilst researching for a client project I located these two factors which strongly suggest Drupal 6 will end its' life late 2013 / early 2014.

“At any given time, there are two major release series of Drupal which are supported. Currently, these are Drupal 6 and Drupal 7.” Source: http://drupal.org/documentation/version-info

Drupal England & Wales Association: Next Steps Meetup

Manchester is to be the location of the first of several open meetings to discuss establishing a Drupal England & Wales Association. The evening event is an ideal opportunity for Drupalers in the The North West to hear proposals and have their opinion heard.

Come to TechHub Manchester and be part of a historic evening, 18th March from 6:30 PM, join several leading Drupalers including Robert Castello, Fin Lewis, Mike Bell and others TBC.

This is a FREE event but you must RSVP on Eventbrite.

Drupal Executive Meetup Barcelona 2013

Photo from DrupalCon Barcelona by Laura Scott

Once again Citilab Barcelona will host a significant Drupal event. Hosting DrupalCon in 2007 and Drupal Developer Days 2011 this superb location will see chief executive officers (CxO's) from many of the largest Drupal businesses gather for the 2013 European Executive Meetup.

40000 people Like Drupal

Last week the official Drupal Facebook page silently passed through a significant milestone - 40,000 fans. Holly Ross, Executive Director - Drupal Association celebrated this milestone however most people in the community didn't even notice. Perhaps it doesn't matter? Actually I know it does.


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