Remote speakers at local Drupal Meetups


Attracting speakers to present at Drupal Meetups can be a challenge. During preparations as a co-panelist at DrupalCon Munich "To Beer Or Not To Beer? Making meetups work" I came across the idea of virtual meetups. These are held not in a place but using Skype or Google Hangouts. Many people are unable to attend meetups due to time or location contstraints, these are a perfect solution.

The virtual meetup concept got me thinking about attracting speakers to meetups, from remote locations. There are plenty of Drupalers globally who would like to speak to a wider audience, being a remote speaker opens a huge opportunity to do so.

Whilst chatting to Dave Hall, via Twitter, about his Drupal Beans module, he tabled the idea that he could present a session at the North West Drupal User Group (UK) via skype from Australia.

We've arranged for Dave to speak at the NWDUG August meetup at Madlab in Manchester about Drupal Beans. I will let you know how it goes, and if you are in the Manchester area Wednesday 1st August why not come along?

North West Drupal User Group

Apple recruiting Drupal developers and attend DrupalCon Denver


With the increased penetration of Drupal into enterprise, it comes as no surprise to me that Apple are hiring Drupal Developers. I was also pleased to discover, via Paul Lomax, that Apple staff were amongst the 3000+ attendees of DrupalCon Denver.
Having companies like Sony BMG, Warner Brothers, US government agencies involved with Drupal has resulted in significant contributions back to the community. I look forward to seeing if Apple do the same.


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