Download DrupalCon Sydney sessions from Youtube


The DrupalCon technical team got the Sydney Keynotes and sessions up lightning fast. However, now that the videos are hosted on YouTube how do you download them to your computer so you can view them on your smartphone or tablet?

Thanks to Tim Miller ( @spyjournal ) for sending me in the right direction.

  1. Download ilivid and install
  2. Visit the DrupalCon Youtube channel
  3. Select a session and grab the url []
  4. Launch ilivid
  5. Paste the link for the session in "Paste links here ...."
  6. Click Download
  7. Wait until the session has downloaded then open iTunes
  8. Go to File > Add to Library
  9. Browse to the downloaded session
  10. Click Open
  11. Done
  12. .... and repeat for all sessions

And the winner is Drupal - The Construction Marketing Awards

In the past 18 months I've produced a variety of successful multi-channel marketing strategies for a clients. Recently The Elliotts Refurb or Rebuild campaign received 3 Construction Marketing Awards. This strategy used data driven email via Copernica marketing software, social media and a Drupal powered campaign web site to promote a competition held in partnership with the Building Future Education Conference and Exhibition. This is on top of a shortlisting for The UK Social Media Communication Awards.

Drupal was a perfect platform to serve as the glue for this campaign since it was capable of delivering web site, Facebook applications and integrated well with our email marketing platform via API's.


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