40000 people Like Drupal


Last week the official Drupal Facebook page silently passed through a significant milestone - 40,000 fans. Holly Ross, Executive Director - Drupal Association celebrated this milestone however most people in the community didn't even notice. Perhaps it doesn't matter? Actually I know it does.

Like many people I discovered Drupal by pure accident. Back in 2005 serendipity played its' part, I stumbled across a post on Google. That moment defined my career. In 2013 the growth of Drupal shouldn't depend on coincidences like mine, but it does.

We the Drupal community exist in a bubble, one where we all speak to each other all the time but not often outside the echo chamber. In the wider world the majority of people don't know what Drupal is. If we all share an occasional post from Drupal's Facebook, it's more likely people discover it for themselves. You can help create happy coincidences just like mine, and thousands of others.

91 point guide to unlocking ecommerce success


This inspired infographic accompanies an in depth article which previously appeared on SEOMOZ. It's the kind of article any designer, developer, ecommerce strategist or marketer worth their salt should read.
As an ecommerce professional, much of the advice is familiar. I've implemented many of the recommendations for clients and witnessed substantial revenue growth as a consequence. It is however extremely helpful to have these measures curated into a single document.
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