Drupal England & Wales Association: Next Steps Meetup


Manchester is to be the location of the first of several open meetings to discuss establishing a Drupal England & Wales Association. The evening event is an ideal opportunity for Drupalers in the The North West to hear proposals and have their opinion heard.

Come to TechHub Manchester and be part of a historic evening, 18th March from 6:30 PM, join several leading Drupalers including Robert Castello, Fin Lewis, Mike Bell and others TBC.

This is a FREE event but you must RSVP on Eventbrite.

Big thanks to TechHub Manchester for providing use of their fabulous venue at short notice.

DrupalCamp London Business Day

Held at City University London the DrupalCamp London Business Day attracted a diverse range of attendees from small charities and SME's to local government representatives and entreprise.

A series of highly informative presentations were given from a cross section of organisations having achieved digital success with Drupal.


Mark Taylor of Sirius, one of UK's largest open source software providers, explained how we in the UK are uniquely positioned to get high levels of open source software adoption into public sector and government.

The UK is uniquely positioned in having an Open Source Open Standards policy

Mark pointed out that "The UK is uniquely positioned in having an Open Source Open Standards policy". Government have worked hard to form policy which paves the way for open source to be adopted by the public sector. He stressed the importance of open source businesses collaborating, marketing smart and work together.

His advice was for as many open source businesses to engage with The UK Government's G-Cloud Programme which is the first in a series of initatives to upadte the procurement process to better fit with the open source business model.

Watch his presentation


Ever since 2006 MTVUK have used Drupal as a foundation for their web platform. Paul Reeves provided a potted history of how they adopted Drupal early and that it has been integral to their web and mobile strategy.


Joe Baker is a strong advocate of Drupal, his first slide boldly stated "Oxfam Loves Drupal". He explained how "a CMS can change the world". Specifically Drupal has enabled Oxfam to roll deploy a standard platform across their organisations many projects. This has afforded significant efficiencies, introduced brand consistency and enabled Oxfam to be agile in their business strategies.


Flying in from Cologne Jeffrey "Jam" McGuire passionately explained open source has the power to "provide the best possible solutions with efficiency". His presentation gave an top level overview of the benefits of open source and how the seismic shifts have occurred in the way open source is now viewed. Within a decade business like Microsoft have gone from ridiculing to bending over backwards to ensure platforms like Drupal work with their technologies.


If that wasn't enough, meanwhile Lullabot delivered training to 40+ individuals new to Drupal.

A highly successful day, many thanks to The DrupalCamp London team for a well executed event which undoubtedly will lead to increased Drupal adoption in The UK.


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