D8Rules achieves 100% DrupalFund goal

There is something awe inspiring which happens when you rally an open source community into positive action. A momentum which you will rarely see elsewhere. There's an important lesson to be learned here, but I will save that for the end.

Over the past week something quite remarkable happened. Whilst at DrupalCon I met Cathy Theys, one of the leading forces in Drupal 8 development. She flagged concerns with me that the D8Rules DrupalFund, a first round of crowd funding development of Drupal 8 version of rules, had just 7 days remaining and that just $5000 of the target $15000 had been pledged. If they didn't hit $15K they would get nothing.

7 days and counting

As DrupalCon social media lead and with access to Drupal's Twitter account I broadcast the message to as wide an audience as possible. It's fair to say that there was an immediate uplift in pledges, but that wained. Drupalers love to prevaricate, leave things until the last moment. I've seen that so many times with DrupalCon session submissions.

2 days left :: 3pm

Fast forward 5 days and I noticed something quite worrying, 2 days to go and over $6000 in pledges required. I decided take somewhat firmer action. "If #Drupal8Rules doesn't reach 100% by 2 days time they don't get $8605 they get NOTHING"

2 days left :: 9:42pm

The sense of urgency had started to hit the Drupal community. Amazingly just 6 short hours later D8Rules was within sight of reaching 100% funding.

1 day left :: 7:59am

Excruciatingly close!

1 day left :: 9:21am

YOU DID IT! Less than 18 hours after an initial push, a few cheeky tweets, LinkedIN posts and Google+ messages (and I wasn't alone) - remarkably the D8Rules DrupalFund project had achieved full funding. To be clear, this is one of several funding stages.

Lessons learned

With the enormous and passionate Drupal community behind you, it is possible to achieve amazing outcomes in a really short timeframe. However, no matter how compelling the story, you still need to work hard and promote your idea. As Dries recently blogged "Entrepreneurship is 80% sales and marketing". The same applies to Drupal funding initiatives.

Even more, if we all pull in the same direction we can make the impossible possible. If you hear of a worthy cause in Drupal, don't hesitate to reach out to me. Happy to help. The Drupal Social Media Request Form is a good place to start. You can also find other great places to promote your Drupal news here such as The Weekly Drop and several podcasts. As techies we aren't all natural marketers, but if you tried a little you might be surprised at the positive outcomes. Never lose sight of the fact that as a Drupalist you have many friends, try and encourage others to become advocates of your idea. If they tell their friends you can reach a LOT of people.

Meet the D8Rules funders

To close, I would like to point towards the #D8Rules funders page. Meet the people who are helping to make Drupal 8 Rules possible.

See you in Austin?


Like many Drupalists, for the next week or so I shall be immersing myself in DrupalCon Austin. Having missed Portland combined with the fact my company, CTI Digital, are design partners for the conference I am super excited about attending. My team have been working hard to produce an epic amount of brochures, posters, design work to ensure the conference looks stunning.

I'm particularly looking forward to attending Monday's Community Summit. Following on from the success of Prague's inaugural summit there is no doubt the stateside version will be a highlight of the week.

I look forward to connecting with friends old and new. Perhaps we've spoken on social media or collaborated in the ether. I can be found at CTI Digital's booth 510 or why not ping me on Twitter @pdjohnson and we can arrange to meet ;-).

Wishing you a safe trip and see you all soon.


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