An unsung hero of Drupal(Con)

Baris Wanschers


During the Q&A with Dries Buytaert at yesterdays keynote I referenced the many unsung heroes of the Drupal community. I would like to shine the spotlight towards one such individual. Serving as the Local Social Media Lead for DrupalCon is necessarily a behind the scenes role however it should not pass without recognition.

Meet Baris Wanschers. With impeccable integrity he has single handedly delivered the social media for DrupalCon Amsterdam. In doing so he has played a major role in the promotional, communication and support activity which has culminated in the largest European DrupalCon ever.

One should not underestimate the time and effort that Baris has poured into performing his role. As global social media lead for the conference I could not manage without bright and dependable volunteers like Baris. In Drupal we are fortunate to have bright people like him to help grow the success of the project.

Thanks Baris.

If you start a tweet with @username, it’s a reply

I've seen so many "official" brand Twitter accounts do this. If your tweet looks like the following one, only the individual will see it, not all your followers.

@pdjohnson is doing a QA session today, use the #AskPaul hashtag to pose a question

An interesting note on the above @reply is that "mutual followers" (people who follow you both) also see the @reply so they may join the conversation.

With a subtle change you can send the tweet to all your followers ...

.@pdjohnson is doing a QA session today, use the #AskPaul hashtag to pose a question

NOTE the . (period) at the start. It's as simple as that.


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