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Klout score doesn't matter, think smarter!

Klout scores are all very well, but what do they actually mean? The truth is very little is known about how the score is derived. My Klout score seems to being going down all the time but in the real world I consider my Twitter presence to be growing in vlaue.
Whilst algorithms can give some measure of your Twitter following, you should be aware of who they are and where.
The who

When is the best time to post on social media?

Recently Bitly published a blog post reporting evidence which concluded the average half life of a Tweet was 2.8 hours. This highlights the importance of considering when you post, the achieve maximum effect. It is best to publish when the largest portion of your audience is online and primed to listen.

Using social media to maximise impact of an event, seminar, business breakfast

I often find myself invited to business breakfasts and networking events. As an attendee I often feel organisers miss obvious opportunities to engage with their (potential) audience via social media.

Here is a list of ways you could consider employing social media to help build interest around your event on Twitter. Most of the tweets can be planned and scheduled so come the day of the event you can concentrate on the real world delivery.

Warm up campaign

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