DrupalCon Global Social Media Lead


Many people have grown to know me as 'that guy behind @DrupalCon'. Yes it has been a lot of work but the rewards have been considerable too. Many new friendships which would otherwise never have existed, and truly an honour to work alongside so many talented professionals.

I've been working with Drupal as a developer since 2006 and for my day job I manage production of large scale Drupal / Drupal Commerce web sites for organisations like Manchester United and Aldi Supermarkets. It involves a fair amount of social media consultancy too.

How did this all start?

Becoming a volunteer for DrupalCon all started with a humble tweet 12 months ago from@murgeys.

My enthusiasm towards DrupalCon London on Twitter had reached the watchful eye of the Drupal Association. Conversations over Twitter and then Skype followed, I was subsequently appointed 'Social Media Lead for DrupalCon Munich'.

Lessons learnt, lessons lost

Following the footsteps of several predecessors it surprised me that no formal knowledge share occured. As a consequence, I started from scratch. From day one I have worked on the basis I would try and pass my learnings to whoever took over after Munich.

As a commitment to ensure that skills and knowledge are shared between every future social media lead of DrupalCon, I have agreed to serve as the 'DrupalCon Global Social Media Lead'.

What being The DrupalCon Global Social Media Lead means

As DrupalCon scales in size and number of locations, the delivery of social media becomes more complex, presenting new challenges.

Drawing on my experience outside of Drupal and the considerable expertise of Marta Betts and the Association Team I will design a social media strategy. This will allow local leads to work in a more proactive manner, hopefully resulting in the volunteers investing less time and having a bigger impact.

Run effectively it provides marketing, communications and customer support capacity. Without it, organising DrupalCon would be substantially harder.

I will spend time reaching out into the Drupal community to identify possible candidates for local social media leads. These leads will provide a crucial connection to the regional Drupal community and work with understanding of the culture and language of the region.

I will be providing advisory capacity, documentation and ongoing support for local leads to ensure they are equipped to represent DrupalCon in appropriate way and use social media to best effect.

In the spirit of Drupal I will encourage local leads to contribute ideas and further enrich the social media activity.

Do you think you could be a Local DrupalCon Social Media Lead?

I have already begun searching for local social media leads for future DrupalCons. If this sounds interesing and you would like to volunteer please use my contact form on Drupal.org to reach me.

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