Drupal Association Community Survey 2014

Every year The Drupal Association conducts a community survey to help gauge success, mood of the community and inform future strategies. The 2014 report is now available (link below).

Interesting Findings

  • Drupal 8 appears to be a given on the vast majority of respondents’ plans. About 80% say they plan to adopt Drupal 8. Another 8% have plans to evaluate the release.
  • Top Drupal challenges for respondents include recruiting and keeping talent, as well as finding high quality documentation for modules
  • Organisation size varied widely with the largest portion of respondents being either freelancers or in organisations under 25 people
  • The majority of respondents work for design/development shops
  • About half the respondents identified themselves as Developers
  • Less than half of the respondents say they are Drupal Association members
  • The more advanced a person’s skill level is, the more likely they are to be a Drupal Association member
  • The vast majority of respondents say they would go to every DrupalCon if their company paid for them to go

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